Linvor bluetooth datasheet

Datasheet bluetooth

Linvor bluetooth datasheet

The Bluetooth devices in the m arket mostly are slave devices bluetooth such as Bluetooth printer Bluetooth GPS. Name / ID: linvor Baud rate: 9600 Pairing code / password: 1234 No parity check. The device doesn’ t need datasheet any driver. And they can use the Bluetooth serial module to communicate with each other. In the Bluetooth device properties of your computer, add bluetooth the Bluetooth device datasheet by selecting ‘ linvor add a device’. PIN Name PIN # linvor Pad datasheet type Description Note datasheet GNDVSS Ground pot 1V8 14 VDD. Simply power the module with + 5V connect bluetooth the Rx pin of the module to the Tx of MCU , Tx pin of linvor module to Rx of MCU as shown in the bluetooth datasheet figure below During power up the key pin can linvor be grounded to enter into Command mode if left free it datasheet will by default enter into the data mode. The default device name is linvor default pairing code is 1234, default baud rate 9600.
When MCU has Bluetooth salve module it can communicate bluetooth with Bluetooth adapter of computers smart phones. Linvor bluetooth datasheet. Then there is a virtual communicable serial bluetooth port line between MC U computer smart phone. Then there is a virtual communicable serial port line between MCU computer smart phone. When MCU has Bluetooth salve m odule it can communicate with Bluetooth adapter of computers smart phones. HC- 06 Bluetooth module datasheet and configuration with Arduino | 06.

Bluetooth Car Handsfree Device Bluetooth GPS Bluetooth PCMCIA, bluetooth USB Dongle Bluetooth Data Transfer Software CSR 3. PINs description Figure 3 PIN configuration The PINs at this block diagram is as same as the physical one. How to Use the HC- linvor 05 Bluetooth module. Please ignore the ‘ unknown device warning’ in the windows device manager.

Bluetooth linvor

Here is the datasheet for the main module: HC- 06 serial wireless module. The main module operates at 3. 3V, but requires 3. 6- 6V to power the full package; Sleeping current is < 1mA, working current is 40mA; Has a working range of about 10 meters. Defaults: Baud rate: 9600. Device name: linvor.

linvor bluetooth datasheet

Go to your bluetooth devices and REMOVE the linvor radio module Disconnect power Vcc from the linvor radio for 10 seconds Reconnect Vcc to the radio Search for the module again on your PC and pair with it You should now have the SPP serial service available. To verify go to “ Show bluetooth devices”. Right click on linvor and click properties.